I have worked with Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi since 1997. She knows how to frame facts and issues to get page one coverage in The New York Times and Washington Post as well as on the networks. She has a special passion for helping people with special needs and promoting smart medical science. She is creative, connected and gets things done in Washington and around the world.

 - Congressman Brad Sherman (CA)


Having worked with Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi for almost 15 years, I have found her to be a superb strategist. She is analytical, objective, and brutally honest. She understands the dynamism of the environment and that you have to aim for a moving target. Her assessments and her insights reflect careful analysis of her clients' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within a competitive marketplace. And her recommendations are based on real-life scenarios, not dreams of how things should be.

 - Andrew Tisch, Co-Chairman of the Board at Loews Corporation


Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi is a champion of good and important causes. She gets the facts, breaks through the clutter, and makes a difference that improves peoples’ lives.

- Congressman Robert Dold (IL)


...her innovative approach to advocacy — bringing foreign diplomats to Israel, working on the ground in Asia and Latin America, reaching out to new audiences in their languages — is clearly filling an important niche. How many pro-Israel organizations have an Arabic website with 190,000 Facebook fans?

 - The Forward in naming Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi the second most important Jew in America (3rd time she has been listed in top 50 Jews in America).


I have known and worked with Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi for over two decades. She runs the sharpest seminars on what makes Washington and the media tick.

 - Eleanor Clift, Newsweekdailybeast.com


Many people talk and dream. In a decade working with her on projects in Washington and around the world, I have seen first hand that Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi actually delivers. She is focused, smart, strategic and brings an energy and direction that allows an organization to succeed. She is special.

 - Stanley Greenberg PhD, Leading Democratic pollster and strategist


Jennifer's passion and commitment to her work is without comparison. Her drive is limitless and only exceeded by her ability to analyze a situation and understand how to effect change. It’s hard to put a price on the intangibles she brings to a project.

 - Neil Newhouse, Partner and Co-Founder – Public Opinion Strategies and Lead Pollster, Romney for President


I have rarely met and individual more impressive than Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi…I had the privilege o working directly with her on numerous occasions and can personally attest to her capacity to think strategically and play leadership roles in implementing a well-conceived plan in the political arena. Discipline and inspirational…her energy seems boundless. Very few grassroots political activists have her special blend off organizational, managerial and tactical skills.

 - Steve Grossman, Former National Chairman, DNC


When we needed an extra push, Laszlo was there. They delivered top-notch strategic communications advice and services. They showed dedication to our issues—and fought hard for us—stretching limited dollars, and adding strength to our political efforts. The power-brokers took notice.

 - Nicholas Cavarocchi, Past Chairman, Patient Access to Specialty Care Coalition


Your support in developing a strategic communications plan for one of our programs proved to be extremely beneficial to our entire operation. The polling, focus groups, instant response analysis, materials developed, and media relations was nothing less than outstanding. You helped us get our issues noticed where it counted most and were always there to meet our needs.

 - Bart Krawetz, Director, INEEL, Executive Director for Research and Development, Lockheed Martin Company


Timely, effective, and efficient…excellent public relations and advertising services…Trinidad and Tobago can also testify to the immense research capabilities of Laszlo. The company has conducted survey and focus group research for us and in each of these instances its analysis and predications formed the basis for our decision-making. Anyone who contracts Laszlo will be making a very wise investment.

 - Prime Minister Basdeo Panday, Trinidad and Tobago


Had it not been for your great insights and expertise, we would have been wiped off the election scene. Instead, we more than doubled our seats in Parliament, and we got a sizeable majority off the popular vote nationwide. You and your team offered excellent campaign training, polling, focus groups, television and radio ads, and did not leave our sides in times of crisis.

 - Ken Boyea, Member of Parliament, St. Vincent Labour Party


Jen is creative and hard working and has a great instinct for how politics works. She helped aggressively grow our business into the largest provider of political training, and in the process helped train thousands of successful candidates and officeholders around the world.

 - Scott Berkowitz, CEO of A&I Publishing (formerly Editor-in-Chief of Campaigns & Elections)


While Vice President at the US-China Business Council, I hired Laszlo to help run a historic conference we were sponsoring on China's Infrastructure with the US Chamber of Commerce. It was the best decision I could have made. Curve balls were thrown at Laszlo right and left, as is common in dealing with an international event of this caliber, including very high ranking Chinese and American government officials and business leaders. Jennifer was delightful to work with, was extremely professional, and got the job done no matter what kind of obstacles came our way. The conference was a huge success in no small part to her company's participation, her ability to work with diverse stakeholders diplomatically and effectively, and her unerring marketing and communications efforts.

 - Karen Kullgren


I have counted on Jennifer Laszlo on special projects for close to a decade. She has helped with everything from grassroots to getting issues in literally hundreds of publications, including the Washington Post, USA Today, and on page one of The Wall Street Journal. Her firm gets results!

- Ken Feltman, President, Employers Council on Flexible Compensation


What distinguishes Jennifer among her peers is not just that she is a talented public speaker, a creative political strategist or an accomplished writer. Jennifer’s signature feature is her distinctive style and ability to interact honestly and frankly with people while conveying a graceful sense of caring and commitment.

 - Janie Jeffers, Senior White House Advisor


Laszlo’s communications skills transcend barriers and she is able to comfortably interact with people of all backgrounds. Those talents are enhanced by her capacity to articulate, in writing, in ways that are clear, understandable, substantive and often profound.

 - Congresswoman Eva Clayton (NC)


I want to thank you for your outspoken public support...Thanks, Always, for your friendship. It means a great deal to me.

 - President Bill Clinton


Your involvement and strategic guidance really made a difference...everyone was so impressed!

 - Susan Polan, Director, Government Relations, American Cancer Society


A woman of valor, who can find?" asks the Proverbs. Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi is truly a woman of valor, not just hard to find...her determination for the truth is inimitable and her drive for success is peerless.

 - Ambassador Danny Ayalon


In the twenty-plus years I've known Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi she has always been a trail blazer; creating a road map that allowed many in our profession to follow. In 1989, in what was then communist USSR, Jennifer led me and other top consultants to lead democracy and campaign trainings in Moscow, Kiev and what was then called Leningrad. People thought we were crazy. But Jennifer was bold and brave…using strategic communications to train 700 supporters of democracy to enable freedom. She did the same thing in Hungary, Poland and what was then Czechoslovakia. To those of us who were there with her, we know Jennifer was a major catalyst that brought democracy, freedom and peace to that region of the world.

 - Michael Arno, Capitollinks


The world has changed in the past 20 years, and Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi understands that change better than most. My knowledge of this stems from1989-1991 when she organized trainers from around the United States and elsewhere, to go to the former Soviet Union and other countries that spent 50 years behind the "wall." Hundreds of democratic activists were trained in 5 countries due to her organizing efforts. Her knowledge of organization, combined with identifying the best in the business, and her “in-touch” mentality with the world, serves her every day!

 - Andrew Frank, Strategy XXI Partners


I have worked with Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi in many capacities. She is an excellent communicator, teacher and strategist. She has helped organizations, non-profits, issue campaigns and candidates to win.

 - Dean Armandroff, Former Republican strategist and currently on the American Medical Assoc.'s political team


I have known Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi for well over a decade! To say that I admire her and her passion for sophisticated strategic communications would be an understatement. Jennifer has it all – brains, determination, organization, administrative skills and stability. If I were ever in need of those services, I would never hesitate to call on Jennifer – the results would be excellent.

 - Charles Bronfman, author of The Art of Giving and former co-chairman of Seagrams


I have been on many panels for Laszlo over the years. She brings together the right people who understand the power centers of America.

 - Richard Dunham, Washington Bureau Chief

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