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"Touch the Wall - The Story of Marin Morrison" to Air Sunday; Paralypian's story of courage, a golden heart, passion for swimming


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Seattle, WA. The Marin Morrison Foundation is pleased to announce that "TOUCH THE WALL-The Story of Marin Morrison", an inspiring documentary about a courageous and super talented swimmer who competed on behalf of America in the Beijing Para-Olympics, will air on Komo TV this Sunday, December 16th @ 12:00pm. The film's trailer can be seen here.

A gifted swimmer, Morrison's life was profiled in this full length documentary which was written and narrated by Eric Johnson. Johnson has won 25 Regional Emmy Awards, and in 2007, he was given the highest prize in local television news, a National Edward R. Murrow Award for best feature story in the country. Emmy award winner Darrin Tagman produced the film with Johnson.

"Touch the Wall - The Story of Marin Morrison" chronicles her life from a child prodigy and award winning gold medal youth swimmer with a goal to going to the regular Beijing Olympics, to a spirited, smiley young woman who overcame the challenges of numerous surgeries, feeding tubes, pain, and dozens of medicines and vitamins in order to compete successfully in her dying days.

Morrison represented the United States of America in China and, according to her coach, Andy Hay who was with her in China, "no moment was prouder for her than to know she would represent the United States of America and carry its flag".

Morrison was profiled Sports Illustrated, The Seattle Times, television news and in other media. Her hometown paper The Sammamish Review said "Marin Morrison demonstrated the kind of might that left others in awe. And she did it without the right side of her body."

A former nationally ranked junior swimmer who missed going to the Olympics at age 14 by only 1.5 seconds, she was on track to represent the United States in the Beijing Olympics when she was 18. However, Morrison discovered in February 2005 at the age of 15 that she had brain cancer. Three surgeries later, part of her right side was paralyzed, and the dream of torpedoing past swimming's international elite seemed dashed. But with the coaching of Andy Hay, a supportive family, and an incredible spirit, her dreams did not end. Hay worked with her six times a week and even at a time when Morrison was in close to death.

For her S5 classification in Paralympics competition - one that allowed her to compete against other disabled athletes with similar levels of muscle strength, joint range, coordination and limb length - Morrison broke the American record in the 50 and 100 backstroke events.

Marin's parents, Nancy Morrison and Matt Morrison, and her siblings, Camie and Michael, are proud that this new film will share Marin's contagious smile on land and a serene gift of connecting in the water - even when her body was failing her.

In 2007 Marin Morrison won the "courage" SAMMI award in 2007. The award goes to "someone who overcomes great obstacles to live life to the fullest and inspires others to meet challenges." That award meant a lot to Marin.

According to Andy Hay "I hope that this new film touches children and adults the same way that Marin was touched by the support she got from those who loved her. Going fast in a pool can win an athlete a gold medal. But a heart of gold is beyond measure. That is what this film is all about."

The mission of the Marin Morrison Foundation ( is to provide relief, support and a hopeful avenue of success for athletes and their families who are in need. "We understand that families all over the world have to fight similar battles that Marin did. The Marin Morrison Foundation is here to give to those who continue to fight that battle any way we can, with the same tenacity and spirit by which she lived her life." says the foundation website.



Film Jacket: Marin Morrison, at 14 years old, was on the fast-track to the Olympic games. She was young, strong and incredibly gifted. She dreamed of the Beijing Olympic games in 2008. She would be 18 and peaking. Her heart was set.

Aggressive brain cancer changed everything. But nothing could stop her from swimming. Not cancer, not paralysis, not fast-approaching death. Against all odd, against all logic, her love of swimming carved a heartbreaking, life affirming path to Beijing, where she turned in one of the truly courageous, inspiring athletic performances of our time. This is the story of unwavering will, unyielding grit and uncompromising love of sport and life. The whole world should know Marin's story. Soon it will.


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