Washington, D.C., Laszlo Strategies, a sophisticated strategic communications and policy firm, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Laura Kam and Kam Global Strategies (www.KamGS.com). Kam Global Strategies is based in Jerusalem, Israel and offers business, media and political connections to companies, leaders and organization based primarily in Israel, China and India.

Kam previously worked with Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, Founder & President of Laszlo Strategies, when both were at The Israel Project (TIP). Kam previously served as TIP’s Executive Director for Global Affairs when Mizrahi was its President. Said Mizrahi, “Laura Kam literally knows Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, Foreign Ministers and key reporters around the world. She is enormously creative, results driven and an outstanding professional. She can get press in pretty much any language in the world...and has done it time and again. I look forward to working together on projects again in the future.” Said Kam, “The alliance will allow both firms to better serve clients based on opposite sides of the ocean to function seamlessly in an increasingly global media and policy environment.”

Laszlo will assist Kam’s clients from overseas with work in the United States. Kam will focus on assisting Laszlo’s clients who need services in Israel, China and India. Kam, who pioneered work in China, India, Russia and Europe, has spent decades working with top press, politicians, diplomats and think-tanks from across the globe.

Kam Global Strategies' team and partners consist of highly connected professionals in Israel, the U.S., China and India, all of whom have extensive media relations experience with the world's top tier media outlets.

Kam has developed know-how on how to reach opinion makers electronically and through social media to tens of thousands of journalists in 10 languages.

Kam’s breakthrough work included developing communications strategy including media tours of experts to meet with top tier Chinese media and leaders throughout the nation. Pro-Israel segments aired on CCTV and Xinhu and thousands of print media hits were achieved including in the People’s Daily, China Daily, Beijing Times, Economic Observer and 21 Century Business.

In India her team placed articles touting Israel-Indo cooperation in fields such as agri-tech and homeland security in the mainstream Indian media as well as in the Urdu media which caters to India’s Muslim population.

Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi and Laura Kam worked together with the world’s leading pollsters, Stanley Greenberg PhD, Neil Newhouse and Frank Luntz PhD in China, India, Russia, Britain, France and Germany and in the US research of elites, voters and college students has enabled successful strategic communications efforts worldwide.

Prior to joining TIP, Kam worked for the Anti-Defamation League for 17 years, including as co-director of the ADL's Israel office, and was responsible for all areas of media relations for the League's Jerusalem office. She was also responsible for organizing missions that brought key U.S. Senators, members of Congress, Governors, journalists, federal and state law enforcement officials, interfaith leaders and others to Israel.

Kam previously worked as a press officer at the Israeli Consulate in New York. Kam is married to Israeli Ambassador Jeremy Issacharoff with whom she has lived on assignment in New York and Washington, DC. Kam currently resides in Jerusalem with her family.




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