jlm200For Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi 86C—founder and president of Laszlo Strategies and founder of the Israel Project (TIP)—standing shoulder to shoulder in thoughtful conversation with Israeli President Shimon Peres, President Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority Salam Fayyad, and former presidents George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton is all normal work.

The Israel Project 

Because of her tireless efforts for TIP, Mizrahi has earned the deserved respect of powerful world leaders. As the project's website describes, the non-partisan, non-governmental TIP is "a non-profit educational organization that gets facts about Israel and the Middle East to press." With offices in Washington, D.C. and Jerusalem, Israel, TIP's 70 employees carry on the professional mission of honesty in reporting, and the pursuit of factual and open communication with the press and policymakers.

The Israel Project

After serving as TIP's CEO for a decade, she recently returned to her work at Laszlo Strategies. There Mizrahi reinforces her commitment to good causes. She reflects in her welcome letter, "9/11 changed my life. I became 'post-partisan,' a believer in good causes and people. I wake up each morning wanting to move important issues forward." That passion is evident in her dedication to working with medical science and helping adults and children with special needs. "As someone who has overcome dyslexia and knows personally what it is like to raise a child with special needs, I am especially interested in helping organizations and individuals that focus on empowering every person—regardless of their physical, mental, or other differences—to reach their full potential." She is currently in regular touch with officials from both the Obama and Romney campaigns on issues that impact the one-fifth of Americans who have disabilities.


Mizrahi now also publishes regularly about issues within the Jewish community to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities. She argues forcefully that helping Jewish day schools, religious schools, and camps be more open to children with special needs is in the interests of all Jews. She doesn't stop with asking for change; she is helping provide tools to make it possible. Her recent piece for religious school teachers is already getting a critical conversation started:

LaszloStrategies.com: National Disabilities Strategy

LaszloStrategies.com Edjewtopia Eneabling Kewish children with Special Needs to get a Jewish educaiton

Rewind 25 years to when Mizrahi was a young student hoping to pursue becoming a rabbi. Though this Durham, North Carolina, native may have considered attending Duke University, she "fell in love with the people and the spirit" of Emory. In short order, she committed to Jewish studies (at the time a specialization of a major in religion), especially appreciating the courses taught by Ellen Umansky (former faculty member at Emory, now director of Judaic studies at Fairfield University) as well as the leadership of Ken Stein, Schatten Professor of History at Emory. Active in Hillel and extremely close to their then-leader Rabbi Danny Allen and his wife Mary Lou, Mizrahi built her foundation for multicultural understanding while pursuing Hebrew and French and attending junior-year studies at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. By coincidence, Emory's Dorot Professor of Jewish Studies Deborah Lipstadt was also Mizrahi's counselor at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute, and Mizrahi holds her work in extremely high regard. Says Mizrahi, "I made some of my best friends at Emory, and we are still in touch today."

With a solid curriculum base in international relations, Mizrahi's professional life gained new focus during her internship at the Israeli consulate in Atlanta. After earning her degree, Mizrahi returned to Israel for further study and then went on to work in public policy in Washington, D.C. Before she founded TIP in 2002, her career highlights included serving as the foreign affairs legislative assistant to the US Congress, involvement in political campaigns, issue advocacy, product campaigns, leading the first campaign training seminars for democratic activists working to overthrow communism in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and her leadership in forming Laszlo & Associates. At the same time, she maintained a marketing role for her family's international skin-care-products business, Ella Bache, which since has been sold. She is the co-founder and co-director with her husband Victor of the Mizrahi Family Charitable Trust.


Mizrahi's notable leadership and mentoring qualities are apparent in the advice she regularly shares with others. Three times named to the Jewish Daily Forward Forward 50, she is quoted as saying "We're changing the paradigm."


She is cited for her "innovative approach to advocacy" and has received numerous accolades for engaging foreign diplomats regarding Israel and in working to stop the threat of Iran. Today she is working to engage global leaders on behalf of people with special needs as well. She is supporting an international treaty for people with disabilities and is working with numerous Jewish groups to move the needle.

LaszloStrategies.com: Step Up for Civil Rights Treay for People with Disabilities

Also active on the domestic front, she was named a "Point of Light" by Former President George H. W. Bush for her work with the D.C. Jewish Community Center to Help the Homeless.


Regularly called upon for her expertise by such notable news organizations as CNN, CNBC, FOX, C-SPAN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Newsweek, the Economist and others, Mizrahi firmly has established her commitment to education. As she wrote in a recent article for the Huffington Post, "When championing the causes you care about, you have to ensure that your nonprofit organization is effective, efficient, and achieves its goals." But this notable alumna aptly summed her successful professional style with a simple observation when she shared, "A leader can't lose track of life in the trenches."

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—Michelle Valigursky

From Emory University.

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