Woman in scooterLaszlo Strategies is the first sophisticated strategic communications company to have a high-level specialties practice in helping non-profit organizations in their efforts to champion the causes of people with physical, mental, neurological and developmental disabilities, as well as medical science. This includes working for organizations that help children, adults and their families living with the challenges of autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, diseases, dyslexia and other different abilities.
Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, Founder & President of Laszlo Strategies, overcame dyslexia to become one of the most effective and well-connected professionals in America. She also knows firsthand both the love and challenge of being the parent of a child with special needs. She has battled discrimination and worked on major projects to make government work better for the people. Additionally, as the daughter and granddaughter of serious medical researchers (John Laszlo, M.D., Daniel Laszlo,  M.D., Herta Spencer-Laszlo M.D.), she has seen first-hand how breakthrough medical science can help transform the future.
Child with ballLaszlo Strategies’ team includes published authors on topics of special needs, as well as individuals who have brought significant social change to the world. Laszlo sees non-profit organizations, stakeholders, parents and governments as key partners in overcoming difficult challenges in an era of limited budgets and attention spans. Laszlo knows that the schools are dealing with critical unfunded mandates that mean children and teachers alike can get shortchanged.
The entire team of Laszlo Strategies brings knowledge of the media and a network of powerful relationships that set Laszlo apart in the world of strategic communications. Laszlo has worked on projects with the White House, U.S. Congress, world leaders, for the American Association of School Administrators on IDEA issues, the National Education Association and other school associations on getting adequate support for education, and for the American Cancer Society to help them promote smart public policies.  Using its extensive contacts and experience, Laszlo helps help bring non-profits and advocacy groups to a new level.
Laszlo brings a commitment to making sure that all people, regardless of their physical or mental challenges, have the opportunity to find dignity and reach their full potential.  Laszlo is also committed to using breakthrough brain and other science that can help transform the human landscape and the future.

I have worked with Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi since 1997. She knows how to frame facts and issues to get page one coverage in The New York Times and Washington Post as well as on the networks. She has a special passion for helping people with special needs and promoting smart medical science. She is creative, connected and gets things done in Washington and around the world.

- Congressman Brad Sherman

I have worked with Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi in many capacities. She is an excellent communicator, teacher and strategist. She has helped organizations, non-profits, issue campaigns and candidates to win.

- Dean Armandroff, Former Republican strategist and currently on the American Medical Assoc.'s political team

Your involvement and strategic guidance really made a difference...everyone was so impressed!

- Susan Polan, Director, Government Relations, American Cancer Society

When we needed an extra push, Laszlo was there. They delivered top-notch strategic communications advice and services. They showed dedication to our issues—and fought hard for us—stretching limited dollars, and adding strength to our political efforts. The power-brokers took notice.

- Nicholas Cavarocchi, Past Chairman, Patient Access to Specialty Care Coalition
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