Laszlo Strategies offers your organization special Insider Briefings on politics. We organize legislative updates and political insight forums on the White House, Congress, state and local governments, analysis of trends in key policy areas, predictions about political and socioeconomic issues, the role of media and much more. These forums are tailored for associations, corporations and publications.

Let Laszlo Strategies organize and book high-level speakers for your next:

accentBoard Event


accentTraining Seminar

accentPolitical Briefing

accentAnnual Meeting

Some of our topics include:

accentAgenda 2012: The President, Congress, and the American People

accentWhat Does the Election Mean for Non-Profit America and the Differently Abled?

accentIssue Wars at the Ballot Box

accentPolitical Pollsters Predict Election Results: A New Direction, or More Gridlock?

accentPolitical T.V. Commercials: Evolution and Influence on Politics

accentMasters of Message

accentWomen in Politics and Advocacy

accentNegative Campaigning

accentElection Predications, Analysis, and Outcomes

accentWinning Strategies for the 2012 and 2014 Elections

accentMedia and Election Hype

accentPerformance Based Metrics for Non-Profits

accentHow to be sure your organization is making a difference in Washington

Eleanor Clift

I have known and worked with Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi for over two decades. She runs the sharpest seminars on what makes Washington and the media tick.

Richard Dunham

I have been on many panels for Laszlo over the years. She brings together the right people who understand the power centers of America.

- Richard Dunham, Washington Bureau Chief

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