At Laszlo Strategies, we believe in winning – no matter if it is defined as votes in the ballot box or in passing bills on Capitol Hill. Our services are based on that principle, and are customized to aid you on your quest for victory.

Experience Matters

Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi is one of the world’s most successful strategic communications experts. She and her team have worked together on winning national elections around the world. This encompasses more than a dozen countries including the United States – where she played a key role on funding IDEA issues – as well as in Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Venezuela, Israel, Australia, Trinidad, and Hungary where her training and advice played critical roles in national elections.

Issue Advocacy

The team at Laszlo Strategies has extensive skills, is hard-working, listens to people—particularly swing voters—and knows how to win.

Laszlo Strategies looks forward to the opportunity to help your team meet the challenges ahead. The following case studies will give you an idea of how we implement your goals and ideas into a finished product.


Laszlo Strategies offers our expertise and experience in:

accentStrategy and Message

accentPolling and Focus Groups

accentPerformance Metrics for Non-Profit Organizations

accentGoal Setting and Measuring the Success of Your Communications Campaigns

accentBuilding your Campaign Team

accentTargeting and Voter List Development


accentWriting and Giving Campaign Speeches


accentDeveloping a Campaign Plan

accentOpposition Research

accentScheduling and Advance

accentMedia Relations/Earned Media/Crisis Management

accentPromotional Material/Brochures/Manifestos

accentTelevision Advertising

accentRadio Commercials

accentGetting Out The Vote

Nicholas Cavarocchi

When we needed an extra push, Laszlo was there. They delivered top-notch strategic communications advice and services. They showed dedication to our issues—and fought hard for us—stretching limited dollars, and adding strength to our political efforts. The power-brokers took notice.

- Nicholas Cavarocchi, Past Chairman, Patient Access to Specialty Care Coalition

Bart Krawetz

Your support in developing a strategic communications plan for one of our programs proved to be extremely beneficial to our entire operation. The polling, focus groups, instant response analysis, materials developed, and media relations was nothing less than outstanding. You helped us get our issues noticed where it counted most and were always there to meet our needs.

- Bart Krawetz, Director, INEEL, Executive Director for Research and Development, Lockheed Martin Comp

Ken Feltman

I have counted on Jennifer Laszlo on special projects for close to a decade. She has helped with everything from grassroots to getting issues in literally hundreds of publications, including the Washington Post, USA Today, and on page one of The Wall Street Journal. Her firm gets results!

- Ken Feltman, President, Employers Council on Flexible Compensation

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