Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi &
President Barack Obama

Laszlo Strategies is committed to helping clients achieve success – whether it is discovering their public voice and image, promoting positive public policies for productive change, or victory at the ballot box. Our proven team of expert strategists and communications professionals can help you build public support for critical legislation and government actions, win issue advocacy or candidate campaigns, and fight systems of discrimination. If you have a passion for a noble cause or candidate, Laszlo Strategies can lead your efforts to inform, engage and empower constituencies to make the world a better place.


Tom Brokaw &
Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi

Laszlo Strategies is the first sophisticated strategic communications firm to make a specialty of helping non-profit groups that champion the causes of medical science and people with physical and developmental disabilities. This includes working for rights, services and solutions for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders, and individuals with cerebral palsy, dyslexia and other challenges.

Laszlo embodies a commitment to ensure that all people, regardless of their physical or neurological challenges, have the opportunity to live in dignity and with happiness.

Mizrahi at the White House with President Bush Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi &
President George W. Bush
jlm-clinton2 Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi &
President Bill Clinton
jlm-albright-sherman Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi,
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, & Rep. Brad Sherman
jlm-bidens Vice President & Dr. Biden with
Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi
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